Autauga County, Alabama

Business License

2021-22 Business License Schedule and Tables
                                               New Business License Form - FILLABLE (PDF)

Friday, October 1, 2021 begins the start of the new State and County Business License renewal periods. With October 31, 2021 falling on the weekend the deadline to renew your State Business Privilege License is extended to November 1, 2021. As in the past your Walker County Business License renewal period will end Tuesday November November 30th . All renewals postmarked by November 1, 2021for State Business Privilege Licenses are considered timely. For your Walker County Business Licenses post marks after November 30th will be processed as late.


Donít forget that you may need to bring additional valid and current paperwork, if any of the following apply:


        1. Current Health Permit, if you are selling food.

        2. Regulatory License issued from the State, if you are an automotive dealer.

        3. The originating license issued in another county or state, if you are purchasing a Transient License or Chain Store License.


We are thankful for our Walker County Businesses and look forward to serving you!!